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A Bardon Companion

Second Edition

By Rawn Clark 2010

Although it has been eight years since the first edition of A Bardon Companion was published, it has actually been about ten years since the bulk of my commentaries were written. In the ten years since writing my initial commentary I have answered literally thousands of additional questions in online discussion groups, personal correspondence and face to face meetings. From this interaction with hundreds of folks, spread all over the globe, pursuing Bardon's system of Hermetic initiation I have learned many lessons and insights regarding what does and does not need to be communicated in order to truly assist a student in their practice. I think even more importantly, I've learned better, more effective ways of saying those things that need saying.

At the forefront of this second edition of A Bardon Companion is a brand new commentary on all ten Steps of Initiation Into Hermetics. Here is the product of all fifteen years of my experience counseling students of Bardon's system. Unlike my first commentary, this time I have gone into much greater detail with Steps Six through Ten.

This new commentary on IIH was written between May and December of 2009 in the form of biweekly lectures given online at the Franz Bardon Group land in the virtual realm of SecondLife.com. They came into existence only because I was asked to give a series of lectures; otherwise they would most likely never have been written, so I owe a debt of gratitude to "Berny Bury" for the kind invitation!

Immediately following the new commentary I've included a fairly large collection of selected excerpts from my public and private correspondence spanning the period from 2001 through 2007. These are arranged according to the sequence of Steps in IIH and cover a variety of topics in a question-and-answer format.

The remainder of this second edition is a reprint of the entire first edition text of my commentaries upon IIH, PME and KTQ. For a long time I was undecided whether or not to replace the original IIH Commentary in this second edition with my newly written commentary but was eventually persuaded by my friend Christoph who urged me to include it and told me that the two compliment each other. Only minor corrections to spelling and updates to some information have been made to the first edition text; otherwise it's all there in the same form as before.

As always, I dedicate this book and its contents to all sincere students of Franz Bardon's writings. Time is short; make good use of each moment!

My best to you!

Rawn Clark


All translation links open as .pdf

New Commentary Upon Initiation Into Hermetics

Step One Step Six
Step Two Step Seven
Step Three Step Eight
Step Four Step Nine
Step Five Step Ten

Correspondence Excerpts

The Steps

A Bardon Companion First Edition Reprint (French) (Spanish)


Part One: Introductory Material

Part Two: Commentary Upon Initiation Into Hermetics (French) (German) (Italian) (Romanian) (Spanish)

Step One Step Six
Step Two Step Seven
Step Three Step Eight
Step Four Step Nine
Step Five Step Ten

Part Three: Commentary Upon Practice of Magical Evocation (Spanish)

Part Four: Commentary Upon Key to the True Quabbalah (Spanish)

Appendix: Shielding