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The Magic of


TMO and the Archaeous


Many times in the past I've stated that TMO (The Magic of IHVH-ADNI) and the Self-Healing Archaeous lead to the same end, which is to say, both result in a unification of consciousness within the temporal moment. TMO achieves this through Kabbalah and the Archaeous, through Hermetics.

The greatest difficulty that practitioners new to TMO face is the issue of conceptualizing the five levels of Self-Awareness represented by the "Ani IHVH" (i.e., Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Tiphareth and Malkuth). In order to simplify this process I would like to present to you a method that relies upon the Archaeous for reaching those levels of Awareness.

The very first step in TMO is the utterance of the "Ani" and the immediate raising of one's awareness to the level of Kether or The One Self. If one has already experienced this all-inclusive level of Self-Awareness, then this rise presents no difficulty. However, if this level has not been experienced previously then the practitioner must do their best to conceptualize what it is like and creatively establish a facsimile of that experience. Given time and persistent practice, this creative conceptualizing will eventually become perception and fact, but until that occurs, the generation of the Adonai Light remains very weak and the integration of awareness, incomplete.

With the Archaeous technique however, this rise can be accomplished in a more factual manner from the outset. Instead of immediately jumping from the mundane awareness to the Kethric Awareness as TMO demands, with the application of the Archaeous technique the TMO practitioner is provided the opportunity to rise sequentially and gradually. This improves the quality and accuracy of the practitioner's creative conceptualization and ultimately, speeds the shift toward factual perception.

Our starting place is the mundane or Malkuth awareness. This is a composite awareness which integrates all four Elemental regions of the temporal mental body, the Akashic mental body and The One Self, into the temporal present moment. In other words, it combines all the levels of Self-Awareness that TMO is concerned with, but at varying degrees. For example, while centered in the Malkuth awareness, one is generally only slightly, if at all, aware of The One Self and of the Akashic mental body, but is aware to a greater degree of the four regions of the temporal mental body, with the Earth region being foremost.

Since the Malkuth awareness is composed of all the levels of Self-Awareness, the rising or traveling up those levels involves a shedding of layers. It's very much like undressing and stepping out of one garment at a time until the naked Self is revealed. First one steps out of the Earth region of the temporal mental body and sheds awareness of physical sensation. Then one steps out of the Water region, shedding awareness of emotional significance, and then the Air region, shedding awareness of thought. This reveals the Fire region of the temporal mental body and the focused state of pure perception known as the "depth point" or Tiphareth Self. Then even this level of Self-Awareness is shed and one merges with the Akasha and becomes at one with the eternal mental body or Greater Self. And finally, this focalized consciousness is shed and one merges with The One Self or Kether.

This is then followed by a conscious and intentional descent of The One Self into each of the layers of awareness one has just shed. This intentional descent re-integrates awareness of each of these layers into the temporal present moment of the Malkuth consciousness. And since all the layers of Self-Awareness are therefore equally united within the temporal present moment, the Adonai Light is generated.


Begin with the complete relaxation of your physical body. Become aware of all four Elemental regions of your physical body: the Earth, Water, Air and Fire regions. This is the Earth region of your temporal mental body -- your direct perception of physical sensation.

Now shift your awareness to your astral body and release your awareness of physical sensation. Focus exclusively upon the perception of emotional significance contained within the four Elemental regions of your astral body. This is the Water region of your temporal mental body -- your direct perception of emotional significance.

Now shift your awareness to your thinking mind and release your awareness of emotional significance. Focus exclusively upon the perception of thought and the four Elemental types of thoughts that fill your awareness. This is the Air region of your temporal mental body --your direct perception of thought and idea.

Now shift your awareness to your perceiving mind and release all awareness of thought. Focus exclusively upon pure perception and an emptiness of mind. This is the Fire region of your temporal mental body -- your direct perception of essential meaning.

Take a moment now to perceive the three regions that you have shed. Below you lies your thinking awareness, your awareness of emotional significance and your awareness of physical sensation. You perceive them as separate and distant from your focalized awareness --they lie at your feet like clothes that you no longer wear. Yet at the same time, you know that they are your clothes and you have only shed them temporarily.

Now turn your awareness away from what lies below you and perceive what surrounds you. You find yourself still within the realm of time and sequence but you are no longer stuck in physical space and matter. Here, your surroundings stretch infinitely in every direction and you stand at the exact center of the infinite universe.

Now, as a focalized awareness composed only of Fire, you must release your focus and expand to encompass the whole infinite universe that surrounds you. You must let go of being a flame and become the infinitely radiant Fire itself which merges with the Akasha. This infinite expanse of Self is your eternal or Akashic mental body, your Greater Self.

You now are the Akasha and below you, you now perceive your entire temporal mental body, surrounded by the entire temporal realm. You are free from space and time, and from thinking, feeling and sensing. Yet at the same time, you know that they are your clothes and that you have only shed them temporarily.

You are pure perception, awareness and will in their non-sequential state, yet still you are focalized and do not encompass The All. You do not yet experience the infinite number of other similarly focalized awareness in the same way as you experience yourSelf. You can experience many of them individually as yourSelf, but not all of them simultaneously. To do this you must expand and become them all.

Let go of your focalization and expand. You must become pure Light. You don't stand within The Light; instead, you are The Light. Nothingness surrounds you and you are focused inward upon Self.

As The One Self of Kether, you directly experience every one of the infinite number of focalized quantas of consciousness that exist throughout all of eternity, simultaneously. There is no thing that you do not experience and know as your Self.

When you reach this state or have successfully created your facsimile conception of this state of Awareness, utter the "Ani" (I am).

Now you will reverse this process of ascent and expansion and begin to descend, through a process of contraction and focalization. You will, as it were, put back on all the clothes you have shed, piece by piece until you are again fully encased within your Malkuth awareness. The difference however, is that when you reach your Malkuth, you will have consciously united each level of awareness so that you remain fully cognizant of them all within the temporal present moment.

The descent begins with a decision to focalize and constrict awareness and with a choosing of which particular focalized quanta of consciousness you wish to descend into. This decision and choice is Chokmah --Wisdom, the ability to choose correctly. As you constrict your Kethric Awareness, you utter the "Yod" and choose to aim toward your Binah or Greater Self. In Chokmah, you perceive your own Greater Self at a distance and you feel your Self-Awareness pulled down into it.

As you constrict and descend into your Binah Greater Self, utter the first "Heh". Again, you are the Akasha and below you lies the entire infinite temporal realm, along with your temporal mental body. Above you, lies Kether and the All-Encompassing Awareness as The One Self. Surrounding you, within the eternal realm itself, are an infinite number of other Akashic mental bodies.

Immediately below you lie many Individual Selves all of which you project into the infinite stream of time and sequence. You must now choose the one temporal mental body that you originally arose from and descend into its Fire region. As you slip into this familiar garment of your Tiphareth Individual Self, utter the "Vav".

Again, you are a perceiving point within the temporal realm. You stand within the stream of time itself and immediately below you lie the Air (thinking), Water (feeling) and Earth (sensing) regions of your temporal mental body which root you firmly in space as well as a specific moment of time. Above you lie your Greater Self and The One Self. Surrounding you are an infinite number of other Individual Selves.

Now look below you and perceive the Air, Water and Earth regions of your temporal mental body. Perceive your separation from thinking, feeling and physical sensing. And now descend further and put back on the garment of thought and then that of emotion and finally that of physical sensation. When you are once again aware of your physical body, utter the final "Heh" that signifies Malkuth.

Now very rapidly reclaim your full awareness of the Water, Air and Fire regions of your temporal mental body, your awareness of your eternal Akashic Mental body and of The One Self. Consciously integrate all these levels of Self-Awareness within your Malkuth awareness and utter the "Adonai". All these levels of Self-Awareness now exist simultaneously and with your full consciousness, within the present moment of time-space.

When this conscious integration of Self-Awareness occurs within the temporal present moment the Adonai Light becomes manifest and will swirl around your physical body as a Rainbow-Hued cloud. This cloud is composed of all the colors of the rainbow but not in the ordered sequence of a rainbow. Instead, it is composed of random flashes of all the colors which, even though they are random, still exist in harmony and balance.

Now you will circulate this Adonai Light throughout all the unified levels of your Self-Awareness. Inhale the Adonai Light into your lungs and into the very center of your being and then push it outwards with the utterance of "Ribonno Shel Olam". Send it outward from the center of your physical body into the material realm surrounding you and also from the very center of your being to all the other levels of Self within.

With your unified Self-Awareness, perceive the Adonai Light's inward passage. With your Individual Self, perceive its passage through your Tiphareth; with your Greater Self, perceive its passage through your Binah; and with The One Self, perceive its arrival in Kether. The Adonai Light arrives inward at Kether in the same moment it arrives outward at the edges of the material universe, whereupon it begins of fold back upon itself and return to its point of origin --your Malkuth Awareness.

As the Adonai Light constricts, follow its progress just as you did with its expansion. When it once again reaches your Malkuth Awareness and swirls once again around your physical body, utter the "Amen".

The TMO process can be accomplished in its entirety based solely upon Archaeous techniques. In other words, the TMO canticle and its Kabbalistic symbolism can be set aside and one can perform the whole process as an exercise in the direct manipulation of one's conscious awareness using the Archaeous' Hermetic techniques.

This, of course, is pretty much the same thing as performing the TMO "Final Form", which brings home my point that both the Archaeous and TMO lead to the same end.