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The Magic of


The Final Form


In the nine Lessons of The Magic of IHVH-ADNI audio series, I taught two "forms" of TMO: the Simple Form and the Full Form. The Simple Form mimics the breath cycle itself. There is no accumulation, impregnation or shepherding involved as the Kethric Light is merely drawn down and expelled, over and over for as many repetitions as desired, creating a tonifying and cleansing effect upon the practitioner's three bodies.

The Full Form on the other hand, involves accumulation, impregnation of the accumulation with specific intent and shepherding of the Light once it's been expelled. All of the magical uses of TMO employ the Full Form and this is the more versatile of the two forms presented in the audio Lessons.

Now I would like to publicly introduce the Final Form of TMO. Although I've mentioned this Form before in passing, I will now explain it in detail.

In essence, the Final Form is an extension of Lesson Six, "Consciousness Raising". Here however, the canticle itself is not spoken, neither physically, astrally, nor mentally. Instead of speaking, the practitioner becomes the canticle and enacts the rising, descent, expulsion and contraction of the Light with their own consciousness. The canticle becomes an act of creating, shifting and unifying a micro-focus within an overall Macro-focus.

The first step is to establish the Macro-focus within which TMO occurs. This is accomplished by raising one's focus to Kether. In the Simple and Full Forms, the utterance of the "Ani" guides this ascent of consciousness, but in the Final Form, there is nothing other than the independent ascent of your conscious awareness to the Kethric level.

From the Kethric perspective one not only sees the entire Creation "below" the point of focus, but one also IS all that lies "below". The Kethric consciousness is a state of immanence in which one personally experiences EVERY thing simultaneously. Here there is no single micro-focus -- only Macro-focus.

In the Simple and Full Forms, the next step would be to utter the "Yod" and descend into Chokmah, but in the Final Form there is no utterance to guide this descent and focalization. Instead, one must independently form a micro-focus within Chokmah without any mental, astral or physical utterance.

In Chokmah, a micro-focus is formed and one then sees the single thread that connects to one's own Greater Self residing in Binah. Having perceived the thread and what lies below Chokmah, one then reconnects the Chokmah micro-focus to the Kethric Macro-focus and holds the two simultaneously within Chokmah. In other words, within Chokmah one experiences the Chokmah micro-focus (which perceives the thread leading to Binah) and one perceives/experiences the entire Creation from the Kethric perspective, simultaneously.

Once the micro- and Macro-foci have been united, one then shifts the micro-focus to Binah and the experience of one's own Greater Self. Ordinarily, this shift would be guided by the utterance of the first "Heh", but here it must again be an independent formation of the micro-focus within Binah.

Once the micro-focus is formed within the Binah Greater Self, one perceives the entire realm of sequence "below", along with the single thread that connects to one's own Individual Self in Tiphareth. Then one reconnects with the Chokmah micro-focus and the Kethric Macro-focus and holds all three perspectives simultaneously within the Binah micro-focus.

This same formula is continued downward as one shifts micro-focus to their own Individual Self in Tiphareth. Once the micro-focus is formed within the Individual Self, one perceives the totality of the temporal realm as it exists in the present moment, along with the single thread that leads to the mundane self "below". Then, as before, one reconnects the Tiphareth micro-focus to the Binah and Chokmah micro-foci and the Kethric Macro-focus so that all four perspectives are experienced simultaneously within the Tiphareth micro-focus.

And then to conclude the descent and unification of consciousness, the micro-focus is shifted to Malkuth and formed within the material self. Once the micro-focus is formed, one senses the physical body and its surroundings, all of which are confined to the immediate present moment. Then one reconnects the Malkuth micro-focus to the Tiphareth, Binah and Chokmah micro-foci and the Kethric Macro-focus so that all five perspectives are experienced simultaneously within the Malkuth micro-focus.

The instant that all five levels of Self exist simultaneously within one's mundane consciousness, the Rainbow-hued Adonai Light erupts. With the Final Form there is no need for uttering the "Adonai" to ignite the Adonai Light since this is accomplished by the unification of all five levels within Malkuth.

A few moments are spent uniting all five levels of Self as one stands amid the swirling Adonai Light. Then, one draws the Light inward at the Malkuth level, into the center of the physical self, and then expels it outward for the Divine Blessing. As the Light expands, one observes its expansion outward, throughout the entire temporal universe, and inward, to Tiphareth, Binah, Chokmah and ultimately, Kether. As it passes inward, one experiences its passage through each of the four micro-foci and its entry into the Kethric Macro-focus.

Once the expansion has reached the edges of the temporal universe and has penetrated to one's Kethric perspective, one then "pushes" it back down, through the levels of Self, and constricts it inward, through the expanses of space, till it once again surrounds the mundane self in Malkuth.

All of this movement of the Adonai Light is perceived as movement within the Macro-focus and it is performed by the five unified levels of Self.

What I have just described can be called the Final-Simple Form. There was no accumulation, no impregnation of the Adonai Light with a specific intention and no shepherding of the Light as it returned. I suggest that one practice this first, before moving on to the Final-Full Form. The Final-Full Form of course, involves an accumulation of the Adonai Light, an impregnation of the accumulated Light with a specific intention and the shepherding of its return.

Accumulations are exponentially more powerful when one performs the Final Form than when using Full Form. The Final Form also affords the opportunity of opening a continuous channel of the Adonai Light, one which will continuously increase in volume and intensity if one allows it to. This is accomplished by prolonging the period of unification of all five levels of Self within the Malkuth micro-focus. As this multilevel awareness is held in Malkuth, the Kethric Light continues to flow into Malkuth, building an ever-increasing intensity of the Adonai Light. One should, of course, be careful not to over-do and should avoid exceeding the limitations of their three temporal bodies.

Alternately, one can let the Adonai Light simply flow outward instead of confining it as when accumulating the Light. By this method, one holds the unification of the five levels of Self within Malkuth and allows the growing mass of Adonai Light to continuously expand outward within the temporal present moment. One can also set a limit to this expansion and thereby fill a room with the Adonai Light, for example.

Impregnation of a Final Form accumulation is done by the unified levels of Self, not just by the mundane level of one's awareness. In other words, the intention is formulated simultaneously within all five levels of Self and impressed upon the accumulated Light. With the Final Form, the formulation of intention can alternately be accomplished during the descent and unification of consciousness, thus producing an Adonai Light that already carries intention and which doesn't require subsequent impregnation. When combined with the prolongation of the unified state within Malkuth, one can very quickly fill a room with Adonai Light that already carries an intention, thus producing a more immediate result.

In the Final-Full Form, the shepherding of the returning Adonai Light is also accomplished by the five unified levels of Self, not just by the mundane awareness. This provides for much greater control and much greater attention to detail as the returning wave moves through the Self. One experiences its entire passage and its effect as it is occurring.

Applying the Final Form to the various "applications" of TMO that I describe in the audio Lessons will exponentially increase their effectiveness and their versatility. For example, using the Final Form in a healing ritual allows one to create a more intimate connection with the healing subject. When using the Final Form, that connection begins at the level of Binah and continues downward to Malkuth, due to the fact that EVERY thing (and EVERY one) exists within the Kethric Macro-focus. Thus, the healing subject is experienced as an aspect of Self. This makes it possible to enlist the aid, insight and cooperation of the healing subject's own Greater Self (as their Holy Guardian Angel) and Individual Self.

The TMO Working Group has found the Final Form most useful and at this point, most of our members are employing it during our group rituals. It has allowed us a great amount of fluidity and places us in a very efficient and effective relationship with our healing subjects. Because of the degree of intimacy we can achieve with our subjects, our perceptions of their condition are very precise and informative. The use of Final Form in our group ritual has also increased our unity as a group and has opened us collectively to still higher states of group functionality and awareness.

Mastery of Lesson Six of the audio series ("Consciousness Raising") is necessary before one can begin working with the Final Form, so this should not be viewed as a beginning technique. :)